Founded  in 1920 the Maglificio Lisanzese knitwear factory was immediately distingueshed by the style and enthusiasm of its youthful founder (not yet twenty-five) who had learned the art of knitwear making socks, gloves and sweaters for the families of military personnel at war in the Alps.

Lisanza is simply the name of the village where the firm's head office is located.

After 1950 the progressive development of initiatives led to continued success in international markets. The success of LISANZA is due to the choice of manufacturing a high level quality products.

Today however, the LISANZA brand name is present throughout the world, synonymous of a product guaranteed at every level.  As the firm grew, corsetery and lingerie were added to the traditional knitwear articles.


In 1975 the founder disappeared but is still remembered as example of industriousness and diligence by the workers and by her daughter and her successors,  her grandchildren, who manage the company today. 

Lisanza today

The production and our image have grown steadily over the years and so also our company.
Today the "LISANZA" Mark is present everywhere in the world.
It is synonymous of a guaranteed product as we follow manufacturing at every level
We use  the best natural fibers such as wool, wool-silk blend, pure silk, lisle thread and linen. Only natural fibers.


The following pages give us a quick look at the different production departments of LISANZA factory
The most interesting are those showing the various machine which make our fabrics. Tubular machines  using yarns of wool, linen, silk, lisle thred, wool.-silk blend and even cashmere, to the thousands and thousands of threads woven together to make lace fabrics in natural fibers,
 which still represent a feature of our production. We employ technolocigally advanced machinery which provides quality and reliability to our products..

The continuous research, the meticulous composition and the use of high technology set us apart, making us an appreciated reality in the field.

logo graphics history

In chronological order from left, our old logo in the 40's, in violet in the 70's, more graphic and serious in the 90's, last sinuous and elegant than the current.