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Tradition, innovation, excellence

Lisanza, on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore, Italy 1920.

Liberata Bodio after learning the art of knitwear by making socks, gloves and sweaters for the families of the soldiers at war on the Karst front decides to pour her enthusiasm by founding the Maglificio Lisanzese giving life to her brand “Lisanza”.

A hundred years of precious natural threads begin, woven to make knitwear, lingerie and corset that deserve to be in touch with the skin.

Lisanza immediately becomes the protagonist of Made in Italy women’s underwear and with great expertise and mastery goes through various phases of creative evolution expanding the range of its products.

Thanks to the spirit of its founder and the excellence of its creations, today its name echoes in boutiques all over Europe passing through Moscow and reaching the great capitals of the Far East.

Our philsophy

Excellence is our starting point and at the same time our point of arrival. It is a constantly evolving mission, an idea of perfection that can always be perfected.

Our vision

Wearing a Lisanza product means experiencing the thrill of a wonderful caress on the skin, the elegance, freshness and comfort of Filo Scozia cotton or the warmth of wool and silk, the delicacy and extreme luxury of pure organzino silk. A feeling that redefines a new concept of body and comfort. We are experts in natural fibers, we work only cottons of excellent quality and value, the softer merino wool in an intimate melee with the finest organzino silk. All this gives our products their unique quality. We are dedicated to the excellence of our products, as excellent are our craftsmanship, from the manual cutting of many components to the seams of our garments up to the meticulous quality control.
A contemporary aesthetic vision and excellence in execution are the guidelines both of the industrial process and of the manual and craftsmanship that are carried out in the historic Lisanzese headquarters. The unique Lisanza models are created here thanks to long-standing production processes, from conception to packaging through the art of weaving, and are all Made in Italy. In fact, we buy the yarn directly from Italian sources and we remove the stains with our frames to give life to products of high mastery and craftsmanship.
With infinite delicacy the circular frames of the atelier weave threads to create refined fabrics. Passion, experience and minutiae transform them into knitwear and underwear with a unique and contemporary style, loved by women all over the world through time and generations.


We have been weaving beauty for over a century


The history of our company begins in 1920 when a young Liberata Bodio decides to put to good use what she had learnt during World War I, when she knitted socks, gloves and sweaters for the families of soldiers at war on the Alps and Karst front: this is how Maglificio Lisanzese was born.

Fueled by the initiative of the founder, in the following decades Maglificio Lisanzese managed to establish itself in the women’s underwear sector, expand the range of products and reach international markets, bringing the high quality of the Lisanza brand and the value of Italian production across borders.

With the disappearance of the founder in 1975, the company passed into the hands of her daughter Rosanna and her grandchildren, now responsible for running the business: tradition and the original spirit continue to animate the Maglificio Lisanzese but each generation has helped to make it grow and keep up with the times.

Thanks to a hundred years of experience in the production of precious natural threads, today the Lisanza brand is a name recognized in the boutiques all over the world, satisfying the tastes of an international clientele with the quality of raw materials, attention to the realization and creativity of designs.

we are a small <br />
company with <br />
a big heart


we are a small
company with
a big heart

We develop and produce our garments in the historic headquarters of Sesto Calende in Lisanza where we control the entire process. We are always attentive to all our employees recognizing the value and time that each craftsman deserves. From experience we know that the mode of couture craftsmanship takes more time and more attention to all the details, but we also know that it is the only way to achieve the highest quality while minimizing waste. We believe that the negative impacts of overproduction must be addressed with increasingly forward-looking and sustainable solutions. We love efficiency, but we love even more so the slow pace of our work. What leads us to the creation of products of excellence known all over the world. Every day, for 100 years.

As a fashion brand, we know the impact that the textile industry has on the environment and in every choice we are committed to making our contribution to the well-being of our planet. We do this every day, selecting yarns, fabrics and accessories with low environmental impact, produced by historical and trusted suppliers who mainly use machinery and artisan techniques.
We choose only the best quality materials, often Green Labels, destined to last over time and to be ambassadors of an intelligent and conscious purchase. Our wool are supplied by master Italian wool spinners, many of our cottons are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, while lace and embroidery are produced exclusively in Italy and France.

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