Filo Di Scozia Cotton

Lisanza’s underwear for women is made of Filo di Scozia cotton, a material with higher qualities than classic cotton. What makes Filo di Scozia cotton special, and therefore all the clothes made of it, is the better capacity of perspiration and dissipation of body heat, as well as a higher durability of garments and brightness of colours. In the wide range of Lisanza’s cotton lingerie you can find a vast selection of clothes suitable for every occasion and use, and especially for your shapes. Lisanza’s cotton lingerie is realized always bearing in mind comfort and femininity as fundamental values: a vest or a pair of briefs made of Filo di Scozia cotton will be always pleasant to wear thanks to the soft fabric, the absence of seams and the soft edges and will also enhance your femininity, making you always feel perfect and at ease on every occasion. Shirts, vests, briefs and much more have been designed specifically for you, from the models with simple and essential lines to the most sophisticated and elegant ones, embellished with embroideries and lace details, always with great attention to wearability and to your shapes because each undergarment has to adapt perfectly to them without tightening. Discover Lisanza’s underwear and knitwear for ladies made of Filo di Scozia cotton and begin an adventure in a world full of comfort and naturalness.