Wool & Silk

Nothing is more sophisticated and seductive than silk lingerie. Lisanza knows it, and also knows that comfort and ease are essential values during everyday activities. For this reason, Lisanza’s silk underwear for women perfectly combines femininity with comfort. After a careful study and design, wool-and-silk blend and silk lingerie is realized with extreme care and attention to detail in order to always ensure a comfortable and pleasant wearability, working on fabrics to make them very soft with the aim of conveying pleasant feelings, as sweet as cuddles, in contact with the skin. The absence of seams and the softness of edges make wool-and-silk blend and silk undergarments discreet and comfortable: forget those bothersome marks on the skin left by classic underwear that tightens and underlines imperfections under clothes because of the edges that press on the skin. Discover the wide selection of Lisanza’s wool-and-silk blend, silk and cotton knitwear and lingerie and regain your natural dimension of femininity and comfort.