5 February



The unforgettable John Lennon regarded love as a precious plant to water and feed every day. His clear and universal message was to celebrate love with commitment, always.

He was right, feelings must be taken care of daily, starting with small gestures, as on February 14th, when the world stops to decorate every showcase, even the most lost ones, with red hearts.

Why do you buy Valentine’s Day gifts?

It seems that the gift business began in the nineteenth century, in the United States, when Howland began to produce love cards on an industrial scale, and today we are increasingly equipping ourselves to declare our love, to surprise the loved one, to see him/her smile.

Even the most skeptical are in fact ready to celebrate this date with the sweetest of messages, and woe if you to forget about it…

On Valentine’s Day, little thoughts and cuddles are perfect, but spectacular gestures often also work, such as the classic two dozen red roses or the maxi box of famous chocolate kisses.

Love is a scent that reminds us of magical moments, olfactory notes that bring us to mind joy, passion and joy of life.

Love is a dinner booked from home with an app coming from a restaurant with Michelin-starred chef, music, maybe your favorite playlist.

Love is kneeling by pronouncing the fateful phrase, while giving yourself the much-dreamed ring, because declaring yourself right on Valentine’s Day is really the top of romance; love is also to discover and play ahead of the love list of one’s beloved and therefore amaze him with that watch that he had long wanted, or to choose safely the dreamed it bag of his beloved.

Of course, the Valentine’s Day outfit has its strategic importance. A man can have a charming and wild look or a refined and elegant one depending on his disposition. The advice is to be yourself and dressing casually because it makes you more fascinating and irresistible, whether it’s a leather jacket or a tailored tie.

For women whether they want to look sensual or languid, we recommend to take into consideration showing off one of our romantic Lisanza jerseys, in order to have a perfect outfit.

What about under the clothes? Try to wear the new Sculpt line that shapes and enhances curves, in order to get a wow effect!

What if you don’t have a person of the heart to celebrate the feast with this year and you are still in perfect peace with the world? Great, focus on yourself, spoil yourself, choose one of the points or even more than one of the above list, and celebrate by continuing to cultivate beautiful thoughts!

Love can be for others or for oneself, the important thing is to be guided by the heart.