20 January


January 2021, time for sales, time to be wise and think about what you really need to wear now, while video-calling or working comfortably sinking on the sofa of the living room.

Run fast with thought but consider in the shopping list also those cool pieces that you can wear now, in spring and in time, what are called precisely timeless, Made to last!

So, what are you waiting for to brighten up the colors of your closet, to dedicate yourself to shopping, our favorite sport?

Desire for shopping but also desire to do sighing business.

Not sure where to invest to renovate your wardrobe?

If it is true that less is more, it is therefore true that it is ok to focus on a few things but that they are super cool and come to raise the tone of the mood.

So, no compulsive shopping of overly fashionable garments, but local mind about what we really need, that makes us comfortable, that makes us shine.

The goal is to focus on garments that usually have inaccessible prices and that now become affordable, those pieces that solve any outfit by illuminating or embellishing it.


A cashmere sweater, that wonderful it-bag, a wool coat, perhaps of the two timeless colors such as black and camel, or the super chic white of our beloved wool and silk jerseys, cardigans, delicious tank tops with colorful, soft and elegant ribs, ready for any outfit.

Look for the classic dress that should always be in the wardrobe, ready for big occasions. Have you ever thought about how good a tuxedo might be instead of the usual tube? It is a long list of stars spotted in tailored jacket and trousers with soft lines, wearing those suits that incredibly enhance femininity.

To buy jeans all the time, all those who are really good for us, if you find them, make a good escort of them. It also seems that flowers and animaliers for the moment do not leave the virtual catwalks.

Lingerie is definitely on the rise, so why not invest in garments made of fresh cotton, or on bodysuits that soften silhouettes, or why not follow the trend of the moment, the intimate body shape that enhances curves, shapes the female silhouette, and redefines sculpting the physique.

In this regard, have you taken a look at our new New Sculpt line? We are convinced that it raises self-esteem, smooths your physicists and is composed of comfortable and very light sets, made with a special super technological material. A real must have!

In this period, therefore, treat yourself to a unique gift, those leather boots that you have always wanted, the scarf that you have looked up in the window. Treat yourself to a whim like a good-humoured cuddle.

What are you waiting for? Be fast, fashion hunters have already been on the hunt for bargains for days, run if you have a long wishlist, the fabulous pieces are destined to sell out!!

Lisanza Team