20 May


Some time ago in a song dedicated to happiness, Tommaso Paradiso sang “And the air that tastes like sea and we all want to swim and the sun that is good for our skin, our eyes to the bones and does not make us think …”

Believe it, summer is coming! And the aperitifs on the beach are coming, the endless hours in the sun, the long swims, the chats on the beach until evening…

The right garment that prepares us for the summer and that we should start immediately looking for in the windows, in fashion magazines and on beautiful fashion profiles of social media is, not even to say, the swimwear.

A new bikini or a chic one-piece swimsuit to start dreaming of the holiday, to raise the tone of the mood, to fantasize about those perfect days in total relax.

Why not to start shopping swimwear to sunbathe on the terrace, on a deckchair in the garden, waiting for that longed-for first weekend at the sea?

Try on the swimwears, study them online, find out more easily the ideal one for you, the one that is enchanting you, the one that seems designed specifically for your physique.

A little piece of advice, the much-feared swimwear test should not frighten us, we learn to forgive our imperfections that instead make us unique, and let’s focus on the search for the swimsuit that makes us appear at the top of the form and charm.

If you can’t decided, just jumpo on the classic plain bikinis and you will certainly not be wrong but be aware that on the beaches this year we will see all the colors.

It seems that the most desired and searched models online these days are the printed models and those with fantastic imaginative patterns. We can therefore clearly imagine what costumes we will see on our beaches this summer, they will be incredibly lively and colorfull.

Of course you will have already had the opportunity to see the Beachwear Lisanza collection, created with the sartorial mastery that distinguishes us in the corset shop, and which combined with the fine prints of Ratti and enriched by the precious embroidery designed exclusively by the Levi artisan embroidery factory, gives life to refined swimwear and Out of water.

We have designed a collection with those who celebrate summer as a lifestyle, women who wear sartorial Out of water with great wear with great bearing in the hours in the city, rich in precious details but at the same time practical, cheerful and very comfortable.

We thought of garments for a woman who loves the sea and lives it naturally but knows how to move or what to wear both on a lonely beach and at the edge of a swimming pool. Beachwear Lisanza dresses a woman who lives her physicality serenely, elegantly aware of her femininity.

If you have not yet seen the collection, go on our website!

The big summer questions are always the same: Bikini or one-piece swimsuit? Printed or solid? Which will be better for me?

Perfect swimsuits must hide flaws and enhance strengths, so you have to spend some time in the mirror.

Small precautions will help you in your choice. For example, the slender leg brief, the closed laccept behind the neck harmonizes the figure, the culottes does not penalize the hips and makes you feel comfortable, if you have little breasts pay attention to the preformed cups that then remain empty, better choose the classic triangles. All dark colors help to look thinner. The small shoulders are enhanced with the braces of a beautiful one-piece swimsuit.

Yes, the one-piece swimsuit is back in fashion, obviously to wear only after you have reached the perfect tan, the one-piece swimsuit will still be the most elegant choice for your beach or pool look.

Some models are in fact so beautiful that you can safely show off not only under the beach umbrella but also on many other occasions, combined with a nice pair of jeans, with a romantic skirt, you can alternate with the swimsuit and dress like the classic top.

In short, the bikini will be irreplaceable but the one-piece is also loved by actresses, influencers and trust us, it should never be missing in your suitcase, whatever your longed-for destination!