23 October



Welcome to our new blog, Lisanza Mag, LM! In these first days of fall we are following with great attention the cultural battle that many women are facing to affirm a concept of beauty that is outside the strict models imposed by society. In recent times, some news has been aimed at fueling heated debates that are not always fair and correct on two topics only at first glance of an aesthetic type.

The precise intent of one of these topics is to lead people to reconsider size 40 as an absolutely perfect size for all women, while the other one is a warm invited to celebrate a more inclusive beauty. We are referring to the much discussed provocation, in fact fake news, which however has nevertheless aroused many reactions, according to which, Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci would insert the model Armine Harutyunyan, unconventionally beautiful, among the hundred most beautiful models in the world, triggering on social media and newspapers, a controversy sometimes with racist and disparaging tones, impossible to ignore.

It is difficult to understand for those who do not really know fashion that the fashion industry does not employ classical beauty models from many years, because now fashion speaks another language. Apparently the haters understand little about this magnificent fashion world, since just one of the greatest vocations of fashion is to redefine the concept of beauty.

The latest Italian controversies concern the actress Vanessa Incontrada who, after having suffered years of body shaming for having a few more kilos, responds in an ironic and courageous way appearing beautifully naked on the cover of Vanity Fair. Let it be said incidentally that the charm and true beauty of a woman are measured in intelligence, culture, class and irony. It pulls a new and more inclusive wind, which invites you to seek beauty everywhere, beyond a size, beyond the canonical model of beauty, therefore in search of a more democratic inclusive beauty.

An excellent warning for the new generations, today much more fragile, exposed to dangerous comparisons on social media, to the point that even when one of them is famous, he/she becomes the target of insults, as happened for example to the new pearl of the music scene, Billie Eilish, the eighteen-year-old star who has in fact self-produced a video against body shaming to respond to the haters who torment her whatever she wears.

We have always been committed to enhancing the bodies that women have, not those they should have, to make them feel comfortable, to make them feel elegant, in harmony with themselves and with the whole world around them.


No matter how old you are, how much you weight, what color your skin is, where you live, how many followers follow you, our invitation is to free yourself from social conventions, rediscovering your true nature!