Our company has been in business in the area for almost 100 years


Founded in 1920, Maglificio Lisanzese was characterized from the outset by the dynamism of its young founder, Liberata Bodio, who had learned the knitting trade producing socks, gloves and sweaters during World War I for the families of the soldiers at the front in the Carso and the Alps.

After the war, the gradual growth of her business led to increasing success on international markets, when she chose to develop products of high quality.

When she died, in 1975, the founder left the company in the hands of her daughter Rosanna and her grandchildren, who are now in charge of running the mill.

From generation to generation, the tradition of the Lisanza brand continues.

Lisanza today

Our production and image continue to grow, as does our company.
Today the “LISANZA” brand is on sale everywhere in the world and renowned as a guaranteed, quality product.
In addition to traditional knitwear, the company has added underwear and lingerie.
Our products are made from wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, mercerized cotton and linen – only natural fibers for absolute comfort.


We use tubular knitting machines to manufacture our products.
Thousands of threads are woven together to create the lace fabrics in natural fibers that are still a mainstay of our production.
Through constant research, meticulous composition and the use of high technology, our production has achieved acclaim worldwide.