How much is comfort worth? A lot, if we talk about underwear which is directly in contact with our skin and our most delicate parts. Lisanza’s hipster underwear is ideal for free and dynamic women who want to live their everyday life with energy enhancing their femininity.

Lisanza’s hipster briefs are realized only with the best yarns such as Filo di Scozia cotton, wool-and-silk blend and pure silk to always offer you the maximum wearability and comfort on every occasion, without underlining imperfections or leaving marks on the skin.

Moreover, the absence of lateral seams is a plus that offers the maximum comfort on every occasion and a perfect wearability under every type of outfit, to make you always feel at ease in every situation.

Perfect in their simplicity, Lisanza’s shaping briefs have essential lines and can adapt to your silhouette in a natural and pleasant way.

Discover our wide range of slips and briefs and choose your ideal undergarment between Filo di Scozia cotton, wool-and-silk blend and pure silk hipster underwear for women.