Cotton shirts are par excellence the most comfortable garments for all women, easily wearable and perfect for every occasion to always ensure the maximum comfort. We know very well women’s needs and for this reason we realize a wide range of cotton shirts and undershirts, to wear both under clothes and as part of your outfit.

Our shirts vary in style, use and fabric: from different necklines to sleeve length, from the pattern of the fabric to the presence of ruffles and decorations, every woman can find the most suitable model for her body and needs.

We carefully select yarns to realize high-quality garments, which are comfortable to wear even throughout the day. Lisanza’s shirts for women vary in fabric composition from cotton to pure silk and wool-and-silk blend, with the specific purpose of realizing comfortable clothes suitable for every occasion.

Discover our wide selection of shirts and undershirts for women, from the simplest to the most elegant ones with lace and ruffles, all with an only common denominator: comfort and femininity above all.