18 February



Wearing the wrong color of the lipstick, coat or top is extremely easy! Did you know that in the world there are infinite shades of every color? It has been shown that the human eyes are able to distinguish over 10 million different shades of color.

The correct choice of colors revives us and makes us look more beautiful, rejuvenated without the need to enter a beauty farm, while the wrong colors can make us look tired and older, thay can turn us off.

It is very useful to find out what colors are damaging us in order to avoid wearing them!

According to armochromy there is in fact a set of colors, called palette, suitable for every person and able to enhance one’s value.

In the 1930s, when movies began to be colored, the work of costume designers and make-up artists became fundamental. The legendary Elizabeth Arden, for example, studied the Colour Harmony box, which combines shades of eyeshadows and fard depending on the different complexions of Hollywood. The actresses in black and white movies always looked perfect, while the divas of colored movies looked dim and with a dull color.

They then began to study for each of them the right palette for clothes and makeup.

Only in the 70s, however, the cosmetologian Bernice Kentner, published the book “Color Me a Season” in which she identifies four categories of colors corresponding to the 4 seasons that, if applied correctly, enhanced every woman with the colors that best suit them in a completely natural way.

In addition to the colors that are good for us and enhance our complexion there are colors that act on our mood and psyche. You cannot define an exact science, but the theories of chromotherapy are verifiable in your daily life and have distant roots; in fact, the first chromotherapy indications date back to ancient Greece and even the thousand-year-old Ayurvedic medicine argues that colors influence the balance of the Chakras, the seven energy centers.

Lisanza’s Fall Winter 2021_22 collection is the result of a research that aims to create an extraordinary palette of colors, and the moments of the day when women can choose to wear them.

For Lisanza, all women are always a source of continuous inspiration, beyond the body, the color of the skin, the age.

Lisanza has therefore created a beautiful palette that can be widely appreciated by everyone and has poetically renamed the colors to allow you to choose the one that best fits you, and makes you feel in harmony with the world.

Having before your eyes an extended range of colors full of nuances can help in this particular period to achieve a therapeutic as well as aesthetic effect.

In facts, the colors we have chosen for the next Fall/Winter_ convey femininity, affectivity, joy of life and have been created to face the coldest days and paint them with optimism.

They are garments designed to color your wardrobe in a refined and imaginative way, to let you add sweetness and brightness in any outfit, because they are truly feminine colors but have a great character. They will help you to feel truly in full balance with yourself.

They are colors with several personalities, from refined grays to light and romantic blushes. Nuances that will not go unnoticed especially if you know how to match your mood or the mood you are experiencing.

The wool and silk, the purest silk, and the new Love, a very soft and light fabric made of 90% viscose and 10% cashmere have been designed to adapt and enhance any body.

Find your mood and play with the new colors of Lisanza garments, and in the mirror you will see a smiling and satisfied woman.