24 November



It is the end of November, many party lights are already on, the streets and squares shine, the balconies are illuminated and the houses smell of good things of the Italian tradition. It is an extraordinary moment of waiting for many things that are about to be accomplished, the expectation of a perfect atmosphere that aligns our hearts while there is a strong desire to be able to return to dreaming, to imagine that even impossible dreams can come true … Make it happen!

We like to imagine that in the next few days, the last of the year, the idea of a rebirth linked to natural rhythms fascinates many people who could connect authentically with nature, capturing its power and accepting its rhythms.

We like to believe that many people can travel with fantasy, remembering that fantasating makes sparkling skin more than any illuminating makeup or treatment in a beauty farm.

We like to believe that many people choose affectionate gifts, both as small self-congratulations and as forms of emotions, of beauty to give to people near and far.

Lets take the time to choose that gift that warms the heart, that illuminates the eyes, that is destined to last over time in our memories. What could it be?

A fantastic coat, a hand-stitched leather bag, an important little gem or a wonderful pair of much-dreamed shoes. That journey to do soon. A vintage turntable for the pleasure of listening to vinyl again. A single gift but chosen as you chose it once, calmly and carefully, designed to make the loved one live an unforgettable experience.

In the list of what lasts and envelops with love, there are also our garments made with precious materials, wool, silk, soft cottons, all made with the utmost attention to detail, as one of our many wonderful jerseys embroidered or inlated with precious lace.

Give beautiful gifts that challenge fashions, write tickets full of love for the person to whom you give them, because donating at the bottom is also a bit of a gift. Keep dreaming!