1 July


July, the wait is over, summer sales call, women of all ages respond!

Are you ready to go wild with your credit card?

Ready to make an investment for the perfect outfits of the holidays or to prepare the autumn wardrobe with the discounted timeless pieces to look for?

The adored sales have begun, hooray!

We can’t wait to dive into the downtown streets full of shops or press “buy now” on the sites we’ve been keeping an eye on for months.

Let’s try to understand together what to look for now, because we need a real strategy to avoid spending money and find ourselves with garments that would engulf the wardrobe in the side of the clothes never put on.

Do you just want to have fun, take away some whim?

Finally the must-haves of 2021 will be yours!

Focus on shopping linked to trends, to the indispensable of the season. Who knows how many garments, shoes, bags, accessories you will already have in your shopping list of unmissable.

Super fashion shops and websites are waiting for you with open arms.

Hey shopping addicted, run before it’s all sold out!

Do you need versatile, timeless garments?

Maybe after a lot of patience and a painstaking search, this year you can find those evergreen to die for between online sites and boutiques.

Point to classic cuts, choose something that does not make you regret spending, look for tailored shirts, beautiful blazers, dresses in colors that do not pass like black and white.

Take a tour on the Lisanza website, also this summer we sin of generosity and you can find discounted garments that are small jewels like silk.

You have not had time to renew the wardrobe and the holiday suitcase is likely to be a bit ‘unhinged?

Dive into the colors and many prints of the summer, give a twist to your outfits, make them cheerful with vitamin nuances, do not be shy, just a little tan to show off the colors that most illuminate you, after all every summer must be lived in a carefree and colorful way. Let’s shine, baby!

He also tries to give space to the stripes that are a classic of the summer, to the animalier prints of whole costumes, chemisier clothes.

A piece of advice: on lisanza.it you will find fantastic summer dresses, passepartout to use both on the beach and in the hot hours in the city, also perfect for sipping a cocktail by the pool. And of course on the Lisanza website you will find magnificent costumes made with refined Italian prints. Discounted!

Already wondering what to buy now to keep up with the fashion trends of autumn winter 2021-22?

You have to have a careful eye on what fashion will propose, you have to study to have the long eye of those who anticipate trends!

There are brands that have always been in the fashion and who knows maybe they have their cool pieces already on sale, perfect to show off from September onwards.

The search is not simple but it could give enormous satisfactions such as finding unique garments and clothes that will be on the wish lists of your friends only in a year.

And then there are those of you who love fashion madly and have stylist skills and know how to mix their wardrobe with rarities that they can’t wait to find.

They move between vintage markets, the back of the boutiques, the outlets, and know how to bring to life garments that no one or almost has understood, bold colors and visionary cuts, they wait for the sales to obtain small jewels that will embellish their looks, daring shapes, colors and design.

You will happen to meet these talented shopping at a dinner or on the street with that bag so chic or with that perfect top for a photo shoot.

We should learn from them to be a bit original, find a unique piece that tells us something truly ours, to be pulled out every year at the time of the change of season with a big smile.

Ah, what a wonderful feeling of satisfaction shopping gives!

By now we know, buying and on sale makes our endorphins skyrocket; apparently there is a real shopping therapy, buying in fact, is good for mood and self-esteem.

And of course, if you don’t just do online shopping all that walking through stores is also good for your line.

Just be careful not to overdo it, buying must be a pleasure without consequences.

There are opportunities for every pocket, just be focused and have in mind what you want to really enjoy this summer just begun.

Meanwhile, we want it to be unforgettable, starting with the outfits!