18 December



What if the best way to spend the last night of the year was to play with a comfortable outfit but at the same time refined and chic, thus spending the party at home but in style? We are sure that your wardrobe will be full of surprises and unique garments waiting to be worn even for your eyes only. There will be those who will want to bring wonderful #Jimmy Choo and an elegant dress, colorful or full of sequins to greet the New Year, but what could wear those who do not want to give up being full of charm but at the same time want to be comfortable feeling equally at the center of the party?  It could give space to the fabulous Loungewear garments created to move at ease, dresses and jerseys with comfortable cuts, in cocoon yarns and fabrics or in super chic suits. Even the leggings costs shape elegantly and give you the right comfort to live well in the living room. Innovative garments often made with natural, organic and sometimes even handmade fiber materials. Comfortable, refined, enveloping, refined! In 2020 we told adieu to the old jumpsuit and figured out how to be perfect with the right colors, outfits and accessories in a videocall. It was the year of knitwear, the beautiful one, made with pure wool, silk and precious materials, the year of cardigan and kimono, easy to slip and parade on the fly, and in any case able to quickly enrich every outfit. Have fun choosing beautiful accessories to combine with your Lounge look, a precious belt, a pair of bright earrings, that magnificent bracelet inherited from your great-grandmother.

It is essential to preserve and cultivate vanity! For New Year’s Eve, also wear lingerie that increases your self-esteem and charm. If you think that no one will see your beautiful suit, you are wrong, you will feel special and this is the most important thing! What are you waiting for? Shop in the right stores or ask Santa to bring you gifts that make you fascinating in this special Holiday season! By the way, many of the must-have garments can be found in the Collections and on Lisanza’s website.  Santa knows that, too…