18 September


Welcome to our new blog, Lisanza Mag, LM!

Lisanza Mag will be our new way of telling about the Lisanza brand, our historic company that has changed ownership a few months ago, and that starting from its glorious past, is embarking on new paths to continue building a sparkling future.

We begin this new adventure in an early fall that we hope will be accompanied by a lot of energy, lightness and warm colors clouds on the horizon.

Meanwhile we begin by saying where we are, Lisanza, on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore. Here, in 1920 (yes this is year number one hundred!), Liberata Bodio, a strong, courageous and dreamer woman who after learning the art of knitwear by making socks, gloves and sweaters for the families of soldiers at war on the Karst front, decides to pour her enthusiasm by founding the Lisanzese Knitwear Factory and giving life to her brand “Lisanza”.

This is how one hundred years of beautiful garments made of natural and precious threads began, woven to make knitwear, lingerie and corsetwear. Liberata is a woman who creates and designs to make other women beautiful, sensual, elegant and refined. She will always use fine Italian products and expert hands all feminine.

Our company has always aknowledged the great value of women, those same women who every day for 100 years have been able to create with their wise hands small masterpieces appreciated and worn by other women in the whole world.

Our vision of the future is established precisely on the feminine qualities that Lisanza has been enhancing for a hundred years, those same qualities from which, we are sure, a more supportive, more sustainable and, why not, more refined vision of the future will be born.

Here in the Magazine we would like to tell you about the emotion that our garments give us.

Did you know that? We work only the best quality materials: the freshness and comfort of Filo Scozia cotton or the warmth of wool and silk, the delicacy and extreme luxury of pure organzino silk.

We would like to tell you about our commitment to making the impact of the textile industry sustainable for the environment. Of the precious work of the hands of our fashion artisans, who every day make small masterpieces appreciated and worn by women all over the world, from Moscow to the United Arab Emirates.

In short, we would like to tell you about the identity, the care, the attention we put in Lisanza products, the fashion services that we are going to film, the meetings with the special people of our profession that we are lucky enough to know, the trips that we dream of making and that we like to make in search of the beauty that has always accompanied us, the objects and brands that go well with the way of life of our company, so many positive stories that can be an inspiration to all of us.

A little revolution here on the Lisanza website, you keep yourself ready because projects and new ideas are multiplying!

The fall that we hope will be full of beautiful news, cheerfulness and that always make us feel good is coming!

Hugs and kisses, only virtual for now, and keep in touch!

Very soon, we are waiting for you here!