8 April



So shiny, so precious, so feminine, so sustainable, so natural, so elegant, silk has an ancient history, it seems that it was used by the Chinese as early as 2500 b.C.

For many centuries, however, Chinese emperors kept sericulture secret, although we know that silk clothing was worn by both Egyptians and ancient Romans.

Since then it has never gone out of fashion, indeed, after centuries the charm of this fabric has remained unchanged.

The elegant outfit, the wedding dress or the underwear made of silk are everyone’s dream, because they are created with the noble fiber par excellence that allows you to be absolutely comfortable and super chic.

Do you know what Greta Garbo used to say?

“My underwear? No one will ever see it; it’s terribly expensive and no one will ever know it’s silk. I’ll know, and I’ll walk differently.”

The legendary actress knew well the secrets of positive energy, of feeling beautiful to feel good wearing something valuable, something so refined that it increase self-esteem and enthusiasm.

Silk is always a great investment so we have to dedicate it a place of honor in our drawers.

Its qualities are endless.

To begin with, a silk garment is truly timeless. Of course you have to use a lot of care in washing, low temperatures and neutral detergents and you will be sure that silk tops and blouses washed delicately and not in the washing machine (however the new ones are programmed to be very respectful) will not lose their bright colors. Yes, silk reflects light in an inimitable way!

You can show off your silk garments either under the coat or under the sun in summer because another advantage of this precious fabric is the ability to thermally insulate, that is to keep the heat in winter and to give freshness in summer, letting skin transpire, and absorbing moisture.

Silk is also perfect for sensitive skin because nothing is as delicate as silk, which is also hypoallergenic.

So, with the garments of this fabric you do not have to make the change of season! They can stay in our wardrobe every month of the year, bringing color and a lot of charm.

Do we want to talk about its comfort and its lightness?

Silk dresses and shapes our body sliding along curves, without scoring, giving us a casual and fascinating image in the mirror.

It’s suitable for any occasion, there’s no more versatile fabric, that’s why that fantastic silk tank top looks good with jeans and with elegant skirts.

If you don’t know which way to start choosing silk garments, start by filling your underwear drawer.

We are talking about an authentic private luxury, silk underwear. To lose our heads for the softness and beauty of culottes, tank tops, bodysuits.

Wear an underwear of this fabric and you will discover a desire to buy silk that you did not think you had. Have you ever tried?

All women deserve to wear special lingerie.

Wearing it is a way to honor yourself every day, because with the right underwear every woman feels more beautiful, vital and confident.

So, all you have to do is try the beautiful game that each of you can create with your underwear and her body.

Start by choosing an Italian silk garment. Why?

Italy for centuries has been a thriving land of sericulture, now our main concern is the excellence of our processing methods, that the whole world envies us.

Among the Italian companies that work silk, Lisanza is among the few that produce so many garments in pure Italian silk, jerseys, tops and tank tops, even culottes.

Garments made with a perfect fit, delicate and elegant, designed and created with a maniacal craftsmanship to dress the bodies of all women with a natural fiber of value. Our garments are light silk clouds, caresses to wear, which adapt to the curves of the body, a no to authentic femininity!